BIG4 - Top Company Datasheets

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Top Company Global Excel Datasheets: volume by country [in ‘000hl], history from 1991 to 2021

BIG-4: includes Plato Logic global Excel datasheets that provide individual country volumes

View volume shares of Top 4 Brewing Groups, all countries, latest 5 years
Sales volume of Top 4 Brewing Groups, selected country, history from 1991
Graph of 'Big 4' sales volume by Country
Table and Graph of 'Big 4' market share evolution by selected Country


Anheuser-Busch total volume by market (to 2007)
Carlsberg total volume by market
Heineken total volume by market
InBev/A-B InBev total volume by market
SABMiller total volume by market (to 2015)
MolsonCoors total volume by market


Individual BIG4 worksheets also include Top Brands, Top International Brands and Local brands (Total Global Volumes for each Group)

World beer consumption 1991 to 2021 and 2022F to 2030F

All volumes in thousands of hectolitres.


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