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World Beer Report 2024 subscription - online payment

Plato Logic beer data for 2023 will be available with an annual subscription programme to the World Beer Report in 2024

This includes 4* Excel downloads during 2024 (beginning March, beginning May, beginning July and end October 2024, with updates of latest available annual data and forecasts) and then the complete World Beer Report Acrobat PDF edition in October 2024.

Following purchase of the 2024 subscription the latest Excel world datasheets and, subsequent updates and the full Acrobat PDF World Beer Report will then be sent to you direct via email as soon as they are published.

The Excel world datasheets* include data history from 1991 to 2023, with current year 2024 estimates and with beer consumption forecasts for 2025F, 2030F and 2035F.  All volumes in thousands of hectolitres.

10 worksheets extracted from Plato Logic's International Beer Reports

* World Value Summary ($US, including key profit pools)

* World Beer Consumption

* World Beer Per Capita (litres)

* World Beer Production

* World Beer Exports

* World Beer Imports

* World Population (millions)

* World GDPCC (US$)

* Top 40 Brewers

* Top 60 Brands


Plato Logic's World Beer Report, October 2023 edition available to purchase in Acrobat PDF format online. Full contents for World Beer Report are available at this link.


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