Africa Beer Report

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Africa Beer Report 

The report covers all 52 countries in the region and has been fully updated with 2022 data, together with new short- and long-term beer consumption forecasts. The complete report also includes consolidation tables for the region.

There are new charts this year and a new table covering unrecorded alcohol consumption.

Africa Beer Report includes the following data variables: production, exports, imports, consumption, per capita, population, beer types, beer packaging types, breweries, brands. Local Brewery profiles, including locations, production, beer types and brands. We identify the sales volume of the leading brewers as well as provide estimates of volumes for the leading brands.  Typically for a market in Africa this may include 2-5 brand records. There is no individual market commentary in this report.

Data history 1990, 2000, 2010 to 2022, Beer Consumption forecasts 2023F, 2025F, 2030F and 2035F.

All volumes in thousands of hectolitres.

NEW!: we are now incorporating total alcohol and total soft drinks consumption.

Africa Beer Report available in Acrobat PDF electronic format. For Excel data delivery solutions please contact us.




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