10/10/2017 - World Beer October 2017

Press Release from Plato Logic

  • World Beer Market falls -0.6% in 2016: second successive year of decline
  • Return to low growth forecast for 2017: +1.0%
  • Updated Top 10 Brewers table announced

Beer market specialists Plato Logic are currently projecting low growth for the World Beer Market in 2017. After 2015 and 2016 saw the first annual declines in world beer consumption for over 30 years, the provisional indications point to a modest recovery in 2017, with Plato Logic’s latest forecast being +1% growth.

China, the world’s largest beer market by volume, declined again in 2016 but is projected to stabilise in 2017. Ian Pressnell, Director of Plato Logic, commented: “The 2016 result was again influenced by China, where the market fell by -3.9%, however excluding China all other markets grew by +0.5%”.

The following table summarises Plato Logic’s projected volume growth by region for the World beer market in 2017:













Total World



Plato Logic’s latest projections also see growth accelerating to around +2% in 2018, assuming some further recovery in China.

Plato Logic have also released an updated Top 10 World Brewers league table, following completion of the ABI-SABM combination (based pro forma 2016 volumes):



World’s Leading Brewers, pro forma 2016, million hl

Source: Plato Logic Limited, October 2017.

Notes to chart: 2016 volumes adjusted for A-B InBev acquisition of SABMiller and related disposals (inc. to CR SNOW, MCBC and Asahi). Heineken and Kirin adjusted for transfer of Brazil operations. Some deals may be pending regulatory approval.

Plato Logic’s latest annual “World Beer Report” is published 10th October and contains 2017 projections for all world beer markets. Published every year since 1994, the Plato Logic “World Beer Report” is a standard source of reference used throughout the international brewing and allied industries.

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