World Beer October 2014

World Beer October 2014

World Beer Market growth forecast to pick up in 2014/15.

Global beer consumption was just 0.2% higher in 2013, but around 2.4% growth is currently projected for 2014 and 2015, according to latest data from beer market specialists Plato Logic.

Ian Pressnell, Director of Plato Logic commented: “It was unusual (historically) to see in 2013 a convergence of comparatively low growth in China with declines in USA, Brazil, Russia and Germany, the world’s 5 biggest beer markets and it is unlikely that this will repeat in 2014. This is reflected in our projections at this time, however this should not obscure the fact that growth appears to remain muted at best across many markets.”




Looking at the 2014 projections in more detail, Plato Logic forecast net beer market growth of around +4% in the Asia/Pacific region and +2.5% in Africa, with the Americas also up by around +2.5%, offset by a slight decline in Europe.

Plato Logic’s latest annual “World Beer Report” is published 10th October and contains 2014 projections for all world beer markets. Published every year since 1994, the Plato Logic “World Beer Report” is a standard source of reference used throughout the international brewing and allied industries.

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