World Beer February 2014

World Beer February 2014

Press Release from Plato Logic Limited

  • World Beer Market growth stalls in 2013 (provisional)
  • Recovery forecast for 2014
  • New Top 10 World Brewers Table announced (provisional/pro forma)

According to latest figures released by beer market specialists Plato Logic, the World Beer market was essentially flat in 2013 (provisional). Ian Pressnell, Director of Plato Logic, commented: “The global beer market suffered from low growth in China, compounded by declines in USA, Brazil, Russia and Germany. These are the world’s 5 biggest beer markets, accounting for over 50% of global beer consumption.”

However Plato Logic’s latest projections see a return to growth in the range 2.5-3.0% in 2014. “We would not expect results in these 5 countries to converge as they did in 2013; we expect both USA and Brazil to return to growth and Russia to stabilise.”

The current results season is expected to highlight prospects in the emerging markets. As recent research from Plato Logic has shown, the ‘emerging’ beer markets (*Plato Logic definition) overtook the ‘mature’ beer markets in 1999 and were already twice as big by 2011.

Ian Pressnell, Director of Plato Logic commented: “The ‘emerging’ beer markets remain key to growth. China is already 25% of the world beer market by volume and we expect the market to grow further. Vietnam and India are also forecast to be among the Top 10 beer markets in 2025.”


World Beer Market, development of ‘mature’ and ‘emerging’ beer markets*

Source: Plato Logic Limited, February 2014.

*Plato Logic define the ‘mature’ beer markets as West Europe, Czech Rep., USA, Canada, Japan and Australasia; the ‘emerging’ beer markets are the rest of world.

Plato Logic have also announced an updated Top 10 World Brewers league table, based pro forma 2013 volumes (latest estimates).

The chart shows A-B InBev now over 100 million hectolitres ahead of SABMiller in second place, followed by Heineken and Carlsberg. The ‘Big 4’ retain a combined market share of over 50% (pro forma 2013).


World’s Leading Brewers, pro forma 2013, latest estimates, million hl

Source: Plato Logic Limited, February 2014.

Notes to chart: The A-B InBev figures include 12 months Modelo (net of USA) and OB acquisition pro forma 2013. SABMiller figures include 100% CR Snow. ‘MillerCoors’ volume allocated 50/50 to SABMiller and MCBC. Carlsberg includes Chongqing pro forma 2013. Some deals may be pending regulatory approval

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