About us

About us

Plato Logic are beer market specialists

Established in 1992 - we have a comprehensive range of reports on the beer industry around the world

Plato Logic reports are extensively used throughout the international beer & allied industries

Over 60 years combined management experience working with beer market data

We operate on a business-to-business basis and welcome enquiries from all business users 


The Plato Logic difference:

We are beer market specialists and operate with experienced in-house management, ensuring a consistent methodology across all our data reports. We believe this leads to enhanced data accuracy, as well as consistent and relevant data presentation.

Because of its channel structure, the beer industry is unlike most other fmcg markets, so a specialist understanding of the data and data sources is essential. At Plato Logic we have many years experience working with beer industry data. We monitor our sources regularly and take a cross-market perspective to ensure data comparability.

We offer a unique range of beer reports and our coverage is truly global, supported by a databank of over 7000 company and brand records.

Plato Logic. Beer Market Data from Beer Market Specialists. Sounds Logical.

Getting the Numbers Right