World Beer Special Offer

World Beer Special Offer

World Beer Special Offer

Plato Logic beer data for 2016 is now available and we are again offering an annual subscription programme to the World Beer Report in 2017

This includes Excel updates during 2017 and then the complete World Beer Report Acrobat PDF edition in October 2017.

The first view of latest 2016 by country was published on Wednesday 8th March, with all beer market forecasts also reviewed.

World Beer Report in Acrobat electronic PDF format, October 2017 edition  available now.  To pre-order with £100 discount please email us and we will email the special order form to you.  Discount applies to all orders received before 30th September 2017.

Aligned with our World Beer programme, our On-The-Hop! Gold industry report is published 6 times per year. Each edition has a regional review, providing a concise commentary on latest market developments, analysis of M&A, as well as other important trends such as legislation. Combined with our 1-page ‘Gold Service’, OTH! Gold provides a valuable ‘go-to’ briefing for management.

Please note we have a discounted price for both reports as well as a special offer for orders received before January 31st 2017.

Plato Logic's World Beer Report, October 2016 edition in PDF format also available now - please register on the shop to purchase the most recent report

Please contact us for latest pricing and availability.

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World Beer Report 2017

World Beer Report 2017

World Beer Report 2017 edition Publication date 10th October 2017

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